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Amplify DB2* Performance with IBM and Intel® Innovations: Brief

Amplify DB2* Performance with IBM and Intel® Innovations: Brief

IBM DB2* 10.5 running on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family delivers high performance, flexibility, and cost savings

Big data offers tremendous potential for generating new insights, optimizing customer interactions, and facilitating decisions that propel businesses forward. But to capitalize on big data, many organizations need to rethink the way they use and view information. They need new ways to analyze and manage the large volume and variety of information they are collecting. They need solutions that improve transaction performance and accelerate query results to capture time-sensitive opportunities, all while controlling costs.

IBM and Intel technologies are designed to take companies confidently into the future of big data analytics, enabling them to better manage and analyze their diverse information and increase their performance, all at a low cost. Businesses can leverage new insights while dramatically reducing costs with low power consumption, in-memory speed, and simplicity. Additional SAP workload optimization features and compatibility with Oracle Database* applications help cut costs even further.

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