Security in the Cloud

Security in the Cloud Computing

Would you like to begin transforming your data center into a flexible, high-density private cloud that enables far more dynamic and automated control of systems and workloads? Would you like to use public cloud services to add capacity during peak demands? No doubt, the efficiency, flexibility, and financial benefits of these strategies would benefit your bus...iness, yet you probably share the concerns of many other IT decision makers: How can the security and privacy of sensitive data be ensured if it is being stored or processed on shared infrastructure, especially if that infrastructure is owned and managed by a third-party cloud provider?

Intel has developed new technologies to help improve cloud security, and has been collaborating with leading hardware and software solution providers to enable more comprehensive and integrated solutions that can make it easier for businesses to adopt cloud computing. These technologies lay the foundation needed for:
• Strong Data Protection.

Encryption can be implemented pervasively to protect data both at rest and in transit, without compromising performance or driving up costs.
• Trusted Infrastructure.

Hardware can verify the integrity of key platform software to help protect against sophisticated launch-time attacks and establish a control point for enhancing the security of virtualized workloads. Selected applications can be constrained to run only on these trusted pools of virtualized resources, to help protect critical assets more effectively.
• Security and Compliance Verification.

The security environment of a cloud infrastructure can be more thoroughly monitored, assessed, and documented. With appropriate third-party applications, compliance can be verified dynamically to mitigate risk through unified, policy-based auditing, logging, and reporting.

Read the full Security in the Cloud Solution Brief.

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