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The challenge

Today, many organizations already operating private clouds are considering moving some workloads to third-party cloud vendors. The challenge? Finding the right combination of private and public cloud services to meet scalability, control, performance, and cost requirements without sacrificing security, manageability, and compliance.

The solution

While public cloud services provide exceptional flexibility and the ability to scale easily, privacy and security are valid concerns. Private cloud solutions offer more control of data and applications, but require additional infrastructure to scale. A hybrid cloud blends elements from both to help you cost-effectively gain greater agility while protecting your most sensitive assets.

Intel can simplify your path to hybrid cloud services

Intel provides the technology foundation and the ecosystem resources and expertise to make agility and efficiency part of your business strategy, including:

  • Efficient high-performance servers that can meet the demands of highly virtualized and scalable cloud environments
  • Cost-effective, distributed storage
  • Advanced networking
  • Identity and API security solutions, plus hardware-enhanced security
  • Intelligent orchestration to reduce data center power consumption

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Embrace the vision for an open, interoperable cloud

Embrace the vision for an open, interoperable cloud

Learn how Intel’s vision of cloud computing can help you keep your data safe, make your data center more energy-efficient, and simplify the manageability of your cloud infrastructure while optimizing application delivery.

Download the cloud computing PDF >

Top 10 insights on cloud computing from IT leaders

Top 10 insights on cloud computing from IT leaders

Intel and Cisco surveyed more than 4,000 IT decision makers in both enterprise and mid-size companies in nine countries and across 18 industries to determine the impact of cloud computing on today’s IT leaders.

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Hybrid Cloud Computing 101

Hybrid Cloud Computing 101

This brief provides you with a crash course on hybrid cloud: why it matters, capabilities,unique technology challenges, and how Intel can help.

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