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Healthcare Communication Solutions Improve Patient Care

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Healthcare Communication Solutions Improve Patient Care

What if an ambulance team could transmit vital patient data to the hospital and initiate video consultations with a doctor before transporting a patient? Scott Burgan, engineering director at Cornerstone Integration, developed a healthcare solution to improve workflow collaboration by facilitating communication between ambulances and hospitals. Remote management and enhanced security capabilities from the Intel® vPro™ platform help maintain high availability of ambulance IT systems, cut costs, and enable healthcare organizations to stay focused on patient care. The result: real-time collaboration that can help save lives.

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) frequently need to communicate with doctors and other healthcare personnel to provide vital care in emergency situations and prepare hospitals for the arrival of patients coming to the hospital by ambulance. Today many healthcare organizations and rescue squads are looking for ways to improve healthcare outcomes by enhancing the quality of that communication and collaboration between EMTs, doctors, hospital staff, and other emergency personnel.

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