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Network Security and Appliances

Enabling flexible and efficient security for the next gen infrastructure

With the growth and increasing sophistication of modern malware, securing the infrastructure has never been more important. Combined with the transformation to software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), network infrastructures require solutions with the flexibility to scale across multiple deployment models while also providing exceptional performance. With a single architecture for application, control, and data plane workloads, Intel® architecture-based platforms simplify application development and decrease time to market without sacrificing performance. Ingredients like the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit, Intel® QuickAssist Technology, and HyperScan optimize throughput for secure sockets layer (SSL), Internet protocol security (IPsec), compression, and deep packet inspection (DPI) workloads, while also enabling maximum scalability across physical and virtual deployments.

Evolutionary routing and switching solutions

Thanks to Intel innovations, routing and network services that once necessitated their own hardware architectures can now coexist on a single instruction-set architecture. This consolidation facilitates a single software code base that easily scales up the full range of product families and across multiple architecture generations, taking advantage of the performance improvements offered by Intel’s tick-tock model. 


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