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Inspiring a Better Future Through Digital Literacy

See how providing effective technology skills and creative, collaborative learning opportunities can enhance social engagement and economic self-sufficiency


Students in Haiti

New hope amid the rubble

The Digital Literacy for Haiti Rebuilding computer training program teaches participants technology fundamentals, such as word processing, e-mail, and the Internet, providing paths to information technology careers and hope for the future.

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Helping Moroccan Women Mean Business

Helping Moroccan women mean business

Vital Voices Global Partnership and Intel fight gender inequality in Morocco by providing technology education and business advice to women, helping them develop marketable skills and improve their quality of life.

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Teacher and activist Naema Al-zbede

A sea change in the desert

Teacher and activist Naema Al-zbede helps Bedouin women in Israel develop life skills, shape new opportunities, and discover a digital future through technology, while removing social barriers along the way.

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Students in India

Runaway success for Vietnamese orphanages

With the help of Intel® classmate PCs and Intel Education Service Corps, Orphan Impact connects Vietnam’s orphans with new education possibilities and a weekly computer training class, reducing the number of runaways from state-run orphanages.

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Students in India

It takes a village…of kids

A teacher and her students successfully campaign to expand children’s educational opportunities by changing attitudes of parents, teachers, the school headmaster, and village leaders about excluding disabled children and child labor in India.

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Student in Egypt

Egyptian community learns to read

Read about the Intel® Learn Program and how students in Egypt are helping their community in Al-Fayoum with the problem of illiteracy by starting a program to teach adults to read.

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Entrepreneurship Training Helps Women in India

Entrepreneurship training helps women in India

Learn how the Intel-Udyogini School of Entrepreneurship in India helps women learn business, digital literacy, and life skills, including the story of Saraswati Devi, who runs a cooperative center and night school for local entrepreneurs.

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