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2006 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

At Intel, corporate responsibility means achieving business success while acting with uncompromising integrity in everything we do. It means listening to, learning from, and communicating openly with our various global stakeholders. We believe that corporate responsibility is good management, and we are proud to be recognized as a role model for how corporations should operate. Read on to learn about Intel’s economic, environmental, and social performance in 2006 and our priorities for the future.

Report Scope and Profile

This Corporate Responsibility Report, addressing Intel’s worldwide operations and facilities, was published in May 2007. It covers global programs and performance data from 2004 through 2006. Throughout the report, we discuss the management systems used to monitor and collect our data and indicators. Environmental, health, and safety data include widely accepted parameters and units. Principles and policies apply to all officers and employees of Intel and its subsidiaries. Financial data is presented in U.S. dollars.

In 2006, Intel implemented a broad restructuring effort aimed at cutting costs and improving operational efficiency. To sharpen our focus on our core businesses, we divested several smaller operations, including certain assets of our communications and application processor business.

We believe that these actions make Intel a more agile, competitive company for the long term, but they do not affect the primary focus areas of this report. Content for this report is informed through discussions with Intel stakeholders worldwide, company executives, and leading thinkers, and through feedback received throughout the year on our various communications. These inputs help define topics of materiality for our Corporate Responsibility Report. This year, it is divided into six main sections: Corporate Profile including stakeholder relations and governance, Workplace, Environment, Education, Community, and Supply Chain Management.

Read the full 2006 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report.

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