Tetra Tech New Servers Provide Opportunity for Change

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Tetra Tech New Servers Provide Opportunity for Change
Tetra Tech proves it’s possible to successfully change its data center’s location, hardware, and operating system in one giant step
As part of a move from earthquake-prone Southern California to a more seismically stable location in Allen, Texas, Tetra Tech migrated its IBM pSeries* AIX RISC servers to Dell PowerEdge* R900 low-cost/high-performance servers with four-socket, quad-core Intel® Xeon® processor 7400 series-based servers running Oracle Enterprise Linux* (OEL) operating system (OS). Changing location, hardware, and operating system all at once could have been a daunting task, but Tetra Tech decided to take it on. The result was reduced operating costs, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and enhanced reliability, availability, and serviceability in their data center.
• Relocation.
In conjunction with a move across several states, a migration to more powerful, less expensive servers and a new non-proprietary OS.
• Maximizing performance.
With approximately 12,000 employees to support on internal enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite* and internally developed Java* applications that interface with the Oracle* databases, servers must handle all of Tetra Tech’s transactions seamlessly. Extreme performance is essential to keep processes running smoothly and uninterrupted.
• Dell servers with Intel Xeon processors.
Tetra Tech chose Dell PowerEdge* R900 servers with four-socket, quad-core Intel Xeon processor 7400 series-based servers as the standard for its new data center. It also uses Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series-based servers for its external Web servers.
• Reduced costs.
With a virtualized environment, Tetra Tech saves by purchasing far fewer servers. Tetra Tech hosts up to 90 virtual servers, previously in individual physical servers. With the new deployment, a single server replaced up to 30 servers. Power, cooling, and maintenance costs are reduced significantly.
• Improved performance.
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