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Adaptive Curriculum Courseware Engages Students: Brief

Adaptive Curriculum courseware supports either small-group or individual instruction within the larger Intel® Education Solutions Alliance context, and is tailored to the preferences of individual teachers. The products are designed specifically to be flexible, rather than to dictate a specific teaching approach, while incorporating cutting-edge instructional tools, such as interactive whiteboards.

Students benefit from a carefully crafted “5E” instructional model:
• Engage. Initiates the learning task and captures student interest.
• Explore. Provides experiences that develop concepts and skills.
• Explain. Focuses attention on a specific topic for deeper inquiry.
• Elaboration. Challenges and extends conceptual understanding.
• Evaluation. Assesses understanding and proficiency.

Because Adaptive Curriculum products are designed to fit into and enhance existing educational environments, they are aligned with commonly used textbooks. In addition to the general math and science subject matter for grades 6 through 12, more specific curricula are offered, including algebra I, algebra II, geometry, physics, biology, chemistry, and integrated physics and chemistry.

Read the full Adaptive Curriculum Courseware Engages Students Solution Brief.

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