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Medical Devices, Imaging Performance, and Secure Interoperability

As medical imaging and medical devices share more and more data, Intel works with manufacturers on security, interoperability, performance, manageability, scalability, energy efficiency, and integrated graphics processing on the chipset.


Intel® and Philips are helping 'kids be kids' through a fast, iterative reconstruction technique that yields breakthrough image quality at low dose. Philips reduces reconstruction times from minutes to seconds using the latest Intel® Xeon® processors.



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The Connected Hospital

Intel-based platforms provide performance and high efficiency to increase quality and effectiveness of care.

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Radiation Dose Management

An advanced image reconstruction algorithm runs on Intel® Xeon® processors.

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Smart Bedside Terminals

Introducing the concept of the “smart bedside terminal” as a part of the connected hospital.

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Smarter Therapeutic Devices

Wind River technology meets challenges for improving therapeutic devices.

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In-Home Device Requirements

Challenges and requirements for in-home patient device with online interface.

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Data Security Solution

Elevating healthcare with high-performance data security solutions.

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