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Wireless Networks


Build your entire wireless infrastructure with open, standards-based Intel® architecture to reduce cost, increase time-to-market, and enable faster service deployment for network operators.

Wireless core network


Control and user plane on a single platform

With control (signaling) and user plane (packet processing) workloads running on Intel® architecture, network operators can deploy software-defined network elements that support multiple standards (GSM, 3G, and EPC), minimizing operational costs, managing power, and optimizing load balancing.





Wireless access network

Smart cells

Improve bandwidth efficiency by storing data locally—a cost-effective way to increase performance and enhance user experience.

Wireless access network

Cloud radio access networks (C-RAN)

A centralized approach, a cloud radio access network, or C-RAN, which moves communications signal processing back into a centrally located virtualized base station—providing comprehensive power management features and massive compute power at the edge of the network.

Enable Intelligent Designs

Pomoc techniczna w zakresie konta Intel® EDC

Dostęp do pomocy technicznej lub sprzedaży, rejestracja konta intel EDC lub zarządzanie kontem.

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