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Deploying Windows* 8 and Touch
in the Enterprise

Intel experts share their team's insights and experience

Replay: Talk to an Expert Webinar

Intel IT is fully engaged in the process of integrating Windows* 8 into the corporate environment now that the new OS is running on thousands of business Ultrabook devices, other mobile devices, and desktop PCs at Intel.

This web recording includes audio from the event and the presentation materials*. Intel experts Tiffany Pany and David Scheer share their team’s insights and experiences integrating Window 8. They discuss:

  • Findings from a six-month evaluation of Windows 8
  • Important deployment considerations
  • Integrating touch capabilities into existing applications
  • Preparing support staff to help end users transition to the new OS
  • The enterprise-readiness of various Windows 8 versions
  • And much more

* Video of this webcast is unavailable due to recording equipment malfunction.


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