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Intel® Ethernet Controller X540 Family

Intel® Ethernet Controller X540 family technical resources for 10 Gb Ethernet cost reduction.

NetEffect™ Server Cluster Adapter Product Family

The 10Gb iWARP-enabled NetEffect™ Ethernet Server Cluster Adapters provide clustering performance for high performance computing applications on standards based Ethernet fabrics.

Intel, Microsoft Upgrades Increase Server Performance and Density

White Paper: Principled Technologies finds Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2697 v2 and Windows Server* 2012 upgrades increase server performance, density.

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Converged Networking: 10GBASE-T Fibre Channel Over Ethernet

Case Study: Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter X540-T2 and 10GBASE-T with FCoE-based IT solution delivers great performance at lower costs.

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Ensure Uptime for Mission-Critical Applications

Product Brief: The Intel® Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X520 maintains business continuity and ensures uptime for mission-critical applications.

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10 GbE Intel® Ethernet—The Solution You Have Been Searching For

Brief: See benefits of a 10 GbE Intel® Ethernet solution that offers speed, manageability, and virtualization support for increased network demands.

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10 GbE Intel® Ethernet—Providing Data Center Solutions

Brief: Discover benefits of upgrading data centers to 10 GbE Intel® Ethernet that helps solve the problem of complex, costly legacy infrastructures.

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Modern Data Centers Need 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Infographic: To solve the problems of legacy hardware, modern data centers need 10 gigabit Ethernet to upgrade complex, costly legacy infrastructures.

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Intel® Ethernet Gigabit Server Adapters

Intel® Ethernet Gigabit Server Adapters are available for virtualized, iSCSI unified networking environments.

Intel® Ethernet Controller X540: Specification Update

Intel® Ethernet Controller X540 datasheet update, including hardware sightings, clarifications, changes, updates, and errata. (v.3, Feb. 2015)

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