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Mobile Communications M2M Day Resources

Resources: Mobile Communications M2M Day

Intel® XMM™ 2130/2150: Brief

Brief: The Intel® XMM™ 2130/2150 series is based on 65 nm CMOS technology integrating a baseband, RF transceiver, power-management unit, and FM radio.

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Mature Modem for HSPA Smartphones

Brief: Interfacing with application processors and host systems, the Intel® XMM® 6160 slim modem platform supports up to quad-band HSPA smartphones.

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Intel® XMM™ 6260: Brief

Brief: The Intel® XXM™ 6260 is a highly integrated platform requiring minimal PCB board space and less power consumption.

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Slim Modem for LTE Smartphones, Data Cards, and M2M Apps

Brief: Delivering compact solutions for LTE smartphones, the Intel® XMM® 7160 enables high-speed data and voice capabilities for 4G cell phones.

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Secure Industrial M2M Wireless Modules

Cinterion creates M2M wireless modules using Intel® architecture to connect assets, improving efficiency and creating new value-added services.

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Intel® Mobile Communications Japan Distributors

Intel® Mobile Communications Japan Distributors

Introducing Smartphones with Intel Inside®: Stay in Your Flow

Keeping pace with you, smartphones with Intel Inside® enable effortless multitasking, speedy web surfing, and 8MP pictures to keep you in your flow.

Integrated Intel® Platforms Enable Design Flexibility and Speed

Product Brief: The Intel® XMM™ 2230/2250 platform family consists of highly integrated platforms providing faster time to market and a compact layout.

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Intel GmbH ISO 9001: 2008* DNV Certificate

DNV Business Assurance Management System Certificate certifies that Intel Mobile Communications GmbH conforms to the ISO 9001:2008* standard.

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