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Intel Foundation

Intel Foundation—helping develop a future diverse workforce and increase interest in math and science education.

I Am Courage

What does courage mean to you? Take the challenge—seven days, seven courageous acts—share each with #IAmCourage to support International Women's Day.

Project Daniel: 3-D Prosthetic Printing Lab

Project Daniel changes lives in South Sudan by providing a village with the Intel® technology and knowledge to run a 3-D prosthetic printing lab.

Conflict Free Supply Chain in Democratic Republic of Congo

White paper explains how Intel strives for “Conflict Free” supply chain for metals from Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Społeczna odpowiedzialność biznesu

Zobacz, jak Intel wdraża społeczną odpowiedzialność biznesu, poznaj etykę biznesową, przewodnie zasady, zaangażowanie w ochronę środowiska i inne.

Intel Involved: One Story of Small Gestures

Small Gestures Inc, a Portland, OR-based nonprofit started by Intel’s Purushottam Goel, feeds homeless and raises money with Intel Involved support.

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Sourcing Conflict-Free Minerals from Sub-Saharan Africa

See how Intel helps guarantee the use of conflict-free minerals in consumer devices and improve the lives of miners in sub-Saharan Africa.

2009 Corporate Responsibility Report: Poland

Report for Intel corporate responsibility in Europe, 2009 (Polish).

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Intel Invests in our Communities

More than half of Intel’s manufacturing is in America, with facilities in eight states. Employees support non-profits and educational programs.