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Building the Supply Chain of the Future

Learn how Intel ensures a responsible supply chain for the future with assessment and auditing, supplier diversity, conflict-free minerals, and more.

Partnerstwo organizacji 10x10 i firmy Intel na rzecz kobiet i dziewcząt

Więcej informacji o 10x10: Edukacja dla dziewcząt, Zmieńmy świat, film i ruch społeczny, którego partnerem strategicznym jest firma Intel.

Nauka, Technologia, Inżynieria i Matematyka (STEM)

Nauka, Technologia, Inżynieria i Matematyka (STEM)



Intel® Business Challenge

Intel® Business Challenge

A Faster Charge in Your Phone’s Future

Learn about Eesha Khare and her new supercapacitor that could one day become a faster charging, longer lasting battery for phones and other devices.

Clean Air is Good Medicine for Intel Labs Intern

Naomi Shah's investigations of chronic allergies and clean air at home led to Intel Labs summer internship calibrating low-cost air quality sensors.

Giving Quadriplegics a Voice

Aware of tech’s empowering potential, Elisabeth Ashmore created a brain-computer interface that may provide quadriplegics the ability to communicate.

Najavo Teen Shines in Community

Raquel Redshirt harnesses sun power to create solar ovens, meeting community needs while winning an educational and cultural trip to Germany.

A Shot at Preventing Colon Cancer

Kevin Stonewall, 2013 Intel ISEF finalist, takes aim at preventing colon cancer with a new vaccine, and researches its response in mice.