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Intel® DK300 Series Development Kit

Quickly develop, prototype, and deploy intelligent gateways that meet emerging IoT market requirements.

Transform Manufacturing with the Internet of Things

Intel is helping industrial organizations make the most of the emerging industrial Internet of Things. This interactive map shows how.

The Connected Factory: Solution Brief

Automation analyst Jim Pinot writes how tech trends are shifting manufacturing to standards-based architectures and seamless connectivity.

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Guangzhou Zhiyuan Designs a High-Performance Industrial PC

Case Study: Guangzhou Zhiyuan high-performance embedded industrial PC uses Intel® Atom™ processors for better control of factory floor equipment.

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The Factory of Tomorrow Will Be Smart

White Paper: IT infrastructure technologies support smart factories with automated meshing of production and business processes and wireless control.

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KUKA's PC-based Robot Controller

Case Study: KUKA releases its first PC-based robot controller featuring Intel® multi-core technology, raising the bar on industrial safety.

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Siemens Microbox Industrial PC

Solution Brief: Siemens flexible, small, and rugged microbox industrial PC* offers maximum performance in industrial automation.

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Maintaining Security in Embedded Industrial Systems

UCLA’s Peter Reiher explains why embedded industrial security has become a pivotal issue in operational and factory control.

Intel Responds to Global Industry Needs

Learn more about how Intel® Architecture is deployed for industrial factory automation uses such as robots, human machine interfaces, and others.

Real-Time Motion Control Demo at Embedded World 2010

Intel® technology uses real-time motion control to stabilize an inverted pendulum, a function with applications in industrial processes and robotics.