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Redapt Helps Entertainer Integrate nearly 1,000 Racks in One Year

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Intel® Xeon® processors deliver exceptional performance and scalability.

• Hyper-scaling environment
• Need to build and deploy hundreds of racks of servers in a short time frame
• Need for highly customized, fully integrated racks

• Teamed with Redapt, which delivered the hardware and helped configure and deploy the solution designed by the entertainment company
• Integrated nearly 1,000 customized racks based on fully populated dual-socket servers based on Intel® Xeon® E5620 processors

Unprecedented growth presents challenges
The entertainment business—particularly online gaming—is booming. For one of the world’s leading entertainment companies, the unprecedented growth presented challenges, as the company had to rapidly build its IT infrastructure from scratch to keep pace with the massive influx of new users.

For help, the entertainment company turned to Redapt, a full-service IT data center solutions company. Redapt operates fully staffed merge centers around the world, which enable the company to quickly deliver highly customized, integrated racks of servers with low shipping costs.

Those capabilities and more gave the entertainment company assurance that it could have nearly a thousand racks of servers integrated in an extremely short time frame in order to keep its business ahead of the demand.

Redapt works with partners to implement best solution
The entertainment company designed the solution. Redapt’s role was to deliver the hardware, help configure and deploy the solution, and offer first-call support—all on an extremely aggressive time line.

For assistance, Redapt engaged with Dell and Intel to provide pre-sale resources and technology specifications to the end user. Product evaluations, engineering discussions, and logistical management were integral to the project.

Intel engineers discussed the technical aspects of the solution with representatives from the entertainment company. “We like to have Intel engineers talk to customers because they provide a very informed, impartial, and analytical voice in the conversation,” said Matt Huff, Redapt’s vice president of business development.