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Remote Management Slashes Downtime for Rearden Commerce

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With remote users doubling in 2011 and forecasts of additional growth, Rearden Commerce needed a remote management solution to meet its expanding needs. Approximately 7,500 companies use Rearden Commerce’s Deem* platform to connect with millions of buyers. Rearden’s mission is to transform commerce by connecting buyers and sellers with analytics and semantic data tagging technology in a way that is truly relevant for all parties. With new acquisitions and a rapidly growing user base, Reardon IT manager Ra Perl had two challenges for 2011: refresh his PC fleet, which was three to four years old and about to run out of warranty, and help his IT team manage broadly dispersed users. Challenges •Planned laptop refresh. The company planned to update a PC inventory that was three to four years old and about to run out of warranty, and upgrade from Microsoft Windows XP* to Windows 7*. •Dispersed workforce. The California-based IT department needed new ways to support employees worldwide. Solutions •Centralize security and manageability. The company incorporated hardware-based security and manageability features available through Intel® vPro™ technology. •Remotely serve users. Keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) Remote Control improves troubleshooting by allowing IT to view a user’s system remotely, exactly as the user sees it. •Increase performance. Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 vPro processors enable enhanced multitasking and better adaptive performance. Impact •Productivity. Improved performance, and longer battery life keeps users more productive and satisfied. •Increased agility. Fast IT fixes reduce employee downtime and save shipping costs, ensuring fieldwork isn’t negatively affected or delayed.