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Intel® Audience Impression Metric Suite

Intel® AIM Suite

Empowering digital signage with audience detection and analytics

The Intel® Audience Impression Metric Suite (Intel® AIM Suite) transforms digital signage into an intelligent, situation-aware content system. The technology works in conjunction with digital displays to sense viewer responsiveness and determine gender and age group, then adapt messages accordingly. The Intel AIM Suite can also measure the duration of a person’s gaze, further enhancing retailer ability to track consumer behavior, adapt messages, and measure ROI.

Retail intelligence and analytics are just one of the components of the Intel Connected Store model for better, more immersive retail experiences. To learn more, watch this Connected Store video, read about Intel's vision for retail, or explore developer resources for retail design.

Viewer analytics keep messages relevant

The Intel AIM Suite measures audience characteristics thanks to a technology called Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA). AVA uses small optical sensors connected to a digital sign to relay a video stream to Intel® processors. Intel AIM Suite software extracts video information and employs face-detection algorithms to aggregate data on how many people looked at the signage, how long they watched, and their demographic characteristics.

AVA data gives retailers a powerful tool for evaluating the effectiveness of their advertising. Detailed retail analytics help them gauge interest level, compare messages to sales increases, and dynamically change the advertising mix depending on the audience composition.

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Anonymity ensures privacy

The Intel AIM Suite maintains complete respect for individual privacy. It uses audience-detection technology (as opposed to facial-recognition technology) to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. The software never records images or captures any personal information about viewers. Once real-time video is scanned and analyzed, it’s immediately destroyed as part of the AVA process.

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Measurement, analytics, and management

Measurement, analytics, and management

While the Intel AIM Suite serves as the master control application for AVA, several applications support the suite, including:

  • Intel® AIM View. The Intel AIM Suite face-detection technology module analyzes the video stream delivered by the optical sensor.
  • Intel® AIM Analytics. This web-based reporting system gives advertisers and signage networks a secure, cloud-ready platform for generating data, receiving automated email reports, and reviewing audience trends.
  • Intel® AIM Manage. This web-based license and sensor management system remotely manages all computers running Intel AIM Suite.

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Intel AIM Suite implementation and integration

Intel AIM Suite implementation and integration

Equipping digital signage with the Intel AIM Suite provides several advantages, including:

  • Low up-front investment. Intel AIM Suite software can work on existing computers.
  • Fast deployment. Cloud-based retail analytics tools simplify implementation and management.
  • Scalability. Software versatility allows retailers to get started and then add computing performance as needed.
  • Energy savings. Displays turn off automatically if no viewers are detected.
  • Flexibility. Built-in features simplify integration with third-party content management system vendors.

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