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Intel® RAID Controller RS25GB008

2nd generation SAS-2 6-GB SAS host bus adapter for entry applications

Intel® RAID Controller RS25GB008

Key Features

  • LSI* SAS2308 dual-core I/O controller providing SAS 2.0 compliance, including 6Gb/s data transfer
  • Two SFF8088 SAS/SATA connectors for up to eight external ports
  • x8 PCI Express* Gen 3 interface for fast communication with the server board

Maximum Connectivity and Performance in a Low-Profile Form Factor

The Intel® RAID Controller RS25GB008, a second generation SAS-2/SATA-3 card with eight external ports, is designed to provide native SAS or SATA external connectivity for users implementing hybrid server platforms connected to external storage enclosures.

This controller optimizes usage of both solid-state storage and large capacity storage configurations built on hard disk drives. The Intel® RAID Controller RS25GB008 unleashes the Intel® I/O Processor (Intel® IOP) and throughput potential of Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSD) running in a native SAS/SATA environment. Users deploying this controller in hard disk drive-based (HDD) server environments are likely to experience significant performance gains compared to previous generation controllers.

Target Applications


Key Advantages

Native SAS connectivity

Support native SAS or SATA connectivity through two external SFF 8088 connectors, which provide up to 4800-MB/s capability.

Excellent performance

A dual-core LSI* SAS2308 SAS controller and x8 PCI Express* Gen 2 host interface can provide up to 465,000 I/O’s per second, ideal of SSD usage.

Inside-the-box design flexibility

With a true MD2 form factor, this adapter is ideal for low-profile height and half-length adapter slots. Eight external 6-Gb/s SAS ports allow external connection to 6-Gb/s or 3-Gb/s high-performance SAS drives, high-capacity SATA drives or a combination of both.

Outstanding compatibility

Supports major operating systems releases with both drivers and utilities, including Windows 2008*, Windows 7*, Windows Vista*, and Windows XP*. Many versions of Linux* are supported with utilities and open source drives, including Red Hat*, SuSE Linux*, and CentOS*; and there is utility and driver support for FreeBSD* and Solaris*.  

Intel® RAID Controller RS25GB008 Information and Resources

Product Specifications and Compatible Products List

Product Order Code



Board form factor

Low-Profile MD2

Data transfer rate


Supported devices


Supported operating systems

Windows*, Linux*, Nexenta*, VMWare*

Compatible battery backup options


RAID level supported


# of ports internal


# of ports external


# of devices supported


Embedded memory


PCIe* host interface

PCI Express 3.0 x8

I/O processor model

LSI 2308

Connector orientation

External 8088

Extended warranty available for purchase


Additional features


Included items Raid Controller, Quick Start User Guide, 1 standard & 1 low profile bracket. No SAS Cables are included.
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