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Reducing In-Vehicle Infotainment System Cost

Reduce In-Vehicle Infotainment System Cost with Intel Technology

Advanced Intel® product technologies lower development, product, and service costs

Once considered novelties, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) applications have become “must-have” options for many people living in a screen-to-screen world. Today’s consumers expect vehicles to be equipped with features such as digital radio, Internet, DVD video and MP3 systems, and GPS navigation. The challenge for the automotive industry is how to address this opportunity seamlessly, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Automobile manufacturers and suppliers understand that as the price for IVI system options comes down, customer demand will grow. In order to achieve lower price points, IVI equipment suppliers can leverage the latest computing technologies to reduce development, product, and maintenance costs. Helping suppliers achieve these objectives, Intel® processors, chipsets, and product technologies deliver many capabilities to provide key benefits, such as:
• Reducing development cost

by simplifying software consolidation
• Cutting product cost

by running all functions on a single processor

This solution brief discusses how technologies built into Intel® silicon components improve virtualization and multi-tasking capabilities, thereby enabling equipment suppliers to deliver more cost-effective IVI systems and drive higher sales volumes.

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