Enterprise Security Benefits of Microsoft Windows 7*

Enterprise Security Benefits of Microsoft Windows 7*

Information security is a critical concern for Intel IT. New threats are continually evolving, and over time, this has forced us to invest in various security controls and mitigation strategies. As part of a three-month evaluation of Microsoft Windows 7*, Intel IT identified broad new security capabilities, summarized in Table 1, that s...ignificantly enhance enterprise security. These include features designed to address many existing threats and potentially reduce the need for additional controls and mitigation. The security capabilities were an important factor in our decision to deploy Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise* across Intel’s enterprise environment.

Key features include:

• Improved security foundation. Microsoft Windows 7 was developed using a secure process designed to reduce vulnerabilities and includes core features designed to block common malware exploits. We found that Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise was pre-configured with default security settings that in most cases already matched our enterprise requirements.

• Streamlined Microsoft User Account Control (Microsoft UAC). We require that all applications function with Microsoft UAC, which in Microsoft Windows 7 has been streamlined so there are fewer user prompts. This can increase users’ security awareness and help prevent malware from installing or making changes to users’ systems.

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 8*. Protected mode and  filters make it more difficult to install malware. We are deploying the OS on new PCs with 2010 Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, which we are using to improve PC manageability across the enterprise. 2010 Intel Core vPro processors provide key security capabilities that complement Microsoft Windows 7 security; these include secure remote management, more-effective deployment of patches, and isolation of infected PCs.

Read the full Enterprise Security Benefits of Microsoft Windows 7* Brief.

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