Improve Product Quality

Use machine learning to gain actionable, real-time insights into tools’ performance, and predict issues before they occur.

Generate better insights

Transform Sales Activity

Discover the ways artificial intelligence will improve sales account coverage and help to upscale sales activity.

Innovate with AI

Accelerate Insights

Learn how SAP HANA* and Intel® Xeon® processors can be used together to accelerate in-database machine learning.

Improve business processes

Drive Decisions with Data

Find out how Fero Labs is using Intel® hardware to offer a cloud-based machine learning solution to improve manufacturing processes.

Streamline operations

Advanced Analytics

The next level of business innovation demands accelerated insights. Get started with Intel® products and technologies.

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Machine Learning Introduction Video

Learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence are enhancing our lives by leveraging Intel® processors and innovation.

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Discover Machine Learning

Learn how advanced analytics & AI techniques can help deepen insights and accelerate decision making.

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