Intel® 3DAT: Markerless Motion Capture

Intel 3DAT is available as an edge- or cloud-based SDK that can be applied to any human motion application. Intel® 3DAT uses computer vision and AI to perform laboratory-grade motion capture with ordinary video—no sensor suits, markers, or green screens required.

See How Intel® 3DAT Uses AI to Capture and Analyze Human Performance

Intel® 3DAT uses AI to recognize, track, and analyze over 1,000 biomechanics data points from standard video. Intel® 3DAT allows customers to create rich and powerful biomechanics-driven products, such as web and mobile applications with detailed performance data and three-dimensional visualizations.

Intel® 3DAT SDK Use Cases

Intel® 3DAT is available as an edge- or cloud-based SDK that can be applied to virtually any study of human motion. Developers can use the Intel® 3DAT SDK to analyze motion and deliver results in virtually any context, from sports to physical therapy and personal fitness.

Intel® 3DAT Case Studies

Intel® 3DAT is proving itself with early adopters in broadcasting, athletics, and training, but these pilots are just scratching the surface of what can be done. Explore what innovators are doing today and imagine the possibilities.

Intel® 3DAT Features and Capabilities

What Will You Build with Intel® 3DAT?

Intel® 3DAT debuted at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials ‒ Track & Field and delivered unprecedented race insights and fan engagement at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Intel® 3DAT is a tested, mature, stable product that is ready for sports brands, start-ups, and developers to take to market.

The Intel® Technologies That Make Intel® 3DAT a Reality

Intel® 3DAT uses an array of proprietary Intel® technologies, including deep learning models for object recognition, tracking, and pose estimation plus kinematics engines and a growing biomechanics library.

All of these technologies use open Intel® AI development tools and run on standard Intel® hardware so you can build quickly and deploy motion capture applications practically anywhere.