Intel® Speed Select Technology (Intel® SST)

More control, more optimal performance.


  • Match Your CPU to Your Workload

  • Allocate Performance, Improve Performance

  • Be Surge-Ready with Networking/NFV Specialized SKUs

  • Reduce Complexities, Lower Costs



Diverse workloads. Varying usage needs. Unpredictable demands. Are multiple servers—or a standard CPU that can’t prioritize frequency needs—really the way to handle it all? Not unless you’re also looking to increase complexity and TCO. And nobody wants that.

Which is why we created Intel® SST—a new family of features designed to give you more active and nuanced control over CPU performance. And you definitely want that.

Welcome to a whole new kind of control.

Intel® SST—Performance Profile (PP): Configure your CPU to fit changing workloads

The first awesome feature in the family, Intel® SST-PP enables improved server utilization and reduced qualification costs by letting you configure a single server (not several) to match fluctuating workloads. One flexible server, multiple configurations—optimized TCO is the natural result.

CSP Infrastructure, currently

CSP Infrastructure, with Intel® SST-PP. One server, multiple configurations

Intel® SST—Base Frequency (BF): Put more oomph where you need it

And when you need it. The Intel® SST-BF feature lets you control and direct base frequency, essentially allowing you to ‘power-up’ for your most critical workloads, at the most critical times. And when you can micro-allocate performance like that, you macro-improve performance, overall.

Intel® Speed Select Technology—Base Frequency (Intel® SST-BF)

Specialized SKUs make the fine-tuning even finer

To more closely meet your specific needs, our specialized SST CLX SKUs utilize Intel® Speed Select Technology features to take the control and performance to a higher level, still.

Networking/NFV Specialized SKUs—Optimized for Networking and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) workloads, these SKUs let communication service providers in particular offer improved, scalable performance in two ways:

First, the base frequency has been defined for Networking and NFV WLs. Second, the SST-BF feature lets you direct more frequency to higher priority workloads, boosting Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) performance when you need to.

Speed Select SKUs—These SKUs have the SST-PP feature. Designed to lower costs and reduce data center complexity, Speed Select SKUs enable CPU SKU consolidation, bringing down platform qualification costs with fewer systems to test and validate.

Network Function Virtualization, currently

Network Function Virtualization with Intel® SST-BF

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