Workload Consolidation With Intel® Architecture

Global network traffic growth is exploding! And if you're a network provider, you not only need to keep up with that growth, you must also find ways to quickly deploy the rich, innovative services consumers and business customers demand--services that drive new revenue opportunities.
But today's networks are comprised of many fixed-function, proprietary resources, making them difficult to ...manage, provision, and scale. These challenges greatly increase capital and operating expenses, and also greatly compromise agility, where it can take weeks just to launch new services.
Now imagine your network resources are built on a common, open, virtualized platform based on Intel® architecture--a platform capable of running every type of workload. Open, virtualized Intel-based servers bring modern “Data Center” economics to the network, enabling automated orchestration of your infrastructure from the core to the edge. And that means new service deployment can go from weeks to minutes, and resource utilization can be optimized across the network, while reducing management time and operating costs.
Intel® multi-core processor-based servers are already the leading choice for virtualized, orchestrated data centers. And now, those same open platforms can replace the proprietary, fixed-function gear across the network, while delivering outstanding performance with innovations like Intel® Virtualization Technology, optimized software libraries, crypto and compression acceleration technologies, and new instructions.
Intel servers can run the four primary workloads across every network infrastructure: applications and services, control plane processing, high-performance packet processing, and signal processing, making them a great choice for all software-defined infrastructure initiatives, like software-defined networking and network function virtualization. And Moore's Law ensures Intel® architecture will continue to extend performance and capabilities over time.
So, are you ready for a more agile and efficient network with faster service deployment, lower TCO and improved scalability? Intel Inside®. A cloud-ready network outside.