Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS)

Enterprise customers expect to take full advantage of network function virtualization (NFV) on communications service provider networks. Communications service provider network providers want to support cloud and IoT developers to be able to build, deploy, and manage a new wave of 5G and edge services that can be readily migrated from the cloud to the edge network and the on-premise edge. The Open... Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) platform addresses these concerns. It abstracts the complexity of the network and provides an easy "Network button" approach to "network-as-a-service" capabilities for the developer. In this timely webinar, you will learn: - What is OpenNESS? - What are the edge requirements? - What edge solutions are being deployed today? Our speakers include Chris Reece (Technologist, Award Solutions), Bob Pike (CEO, Smart Edge), and Prakash Kartha (Segment Director, Network, and Custom Logic Group, Intel).