K–12 Education Resources and Technology Planning

Discover K–12 education with Intel and learn about the future of education, including skills, STEM education, and resources for teachers and students.

COVID-19 has disrupted the education sector, changing the industry forever. The shift to outcome-based education increasingly relies on technology to enable new teaching methodologies and strategies for K–12 educators and school administrators. With access to professional development and other tools, educators can adopt new teaching strategies that help students gain the innovative thinking skills and technical skills for innovation that they need for careers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

New Skills for Innovation

In order for K–12 students to flourish in a technology-driven world, educators should encourage and help equip their students to gain new innovative thinking skills. Lessons on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for girls, coding for kids, and esports only brush the surface of important and modern skills that are necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, they are a perfect start for a blended learning experience. Learn more about these skills and how Intel collaborates with partners to enable skill building experiences.

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Intel Joins Million Girls Moonshot Movement for STEM Diversity

Intel teamed up with Million Girls Moonshot, a movement dedicated to sparking interest in the next generation of STEM leaders and inspiring young women and girls to dream big and close the gender gap in STEM.

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Why Kids Should Learn Coding

Coding is becoming an increasingly significant and relevant skill, especially in kids K–12. Learning coding at an early age teaches kids web literacy and logical thinking and encourages creativity.

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Esports in Education

Just like any other extracurricular activity, esports is an innovative way for kids to learn the dynamics of team building, accountability, and resilience, all while they develop a sense of belonging and community.

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STEM Education Equips Students for Success

A brief overview of STEM Education, why teaching STEM is changing, and how to implement it.

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Intel® Future Skills

Intel® Future Skills help build confidence and skills for today’s youth through technology and innovative experiences. By expanding opportunities that prepare students for future careers, they can learn skills in problem solving, entrepreneurship, robotics, and innovation.

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AI for Youth Program

The Intel® AI for Youth Program empowers students to develop AI skills while creating a meaningful social impact. Launched in 2019, the AI for Youth program aims to teach as many as 30 million current and future workers about AI by 2030, providing over 100,000 high schools with skills, curriculum, and resources in AI.

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Teaching Strategy and Resources

Developed by teachers, these exemplary unit and lesson plans integrate technology and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) concepts into classroom projects designed for different age groups. These plans come to life when teachers leverage technology into the classroom, aligning standards and promoting higher-order thinking with curriculum-framing questions, effective instructional strategies, and performance assessments.

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IT Resources and Planning

No matter the challenges with anywhere learning, Intel offers a variety of guides and blueprints that discuss how to efficiently set up students for success.

Smart Classroom

The Smart Classroom is designed to integrate technology in order to create an engaging and active learning environment. Powered by Intel® Pentium® Silver Processor Series, the Smart Classroom fosters K–12 teaching opportunities for educators and a more captivating learning experience for students.

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Educators’ and Parents’ Guide to Remote Learning

Keeping a child engaged with their schoolwork while at home can be challenging, regardless of what schools can offer for remote learning. These guides go over resources, instructional strategies, and solutions for teachers and parents who have students who are learning remotely.

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The Journey Inside℠ Educational Program

These 35 visually inspiring, interactive K–12 online learning lessons guide students through activities, virtual field trips, and videos about Technology, computers, and society.

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Planning for Blended and Virtual Learning

The K-12 Blueprint discusses how connectivity and device selections affect teaching in virtual and blended learning environments, especially for those who don’t have access to technological resources. This guide goes over the best way to support students and set them up for success.

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The Right Device for Learning and Teaching

Choosing the right device for remote learning is crucial, especially when educators teach with programs that use technology. No matter where students receive their education—whether it be online, at home, or both—they will need the best-fitting device for their academic needs.

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Professional Development Courses and Training

Ongoing professional development is critical for education transformation. Teachers need innovative, future-ready strategies to efficiently make use of technology in the classroom.

Professional Development

Educators need specialized training and lesson plans in order to best prepare their students for success in a technologically advanced future. Intel’s collection of professional development courses, lesson plans, and guides can help teachers make effective use of technology in the classroom, whether it be virtually or in person.

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Intel® Teach Elements

Experience these free professional development courses to help you more effectively integrate digital learning and classroom technology into existing curriculum.

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Intro to Personalized Learning

This short e-learning course is designed to help today’s educators better understand the practice of personalized learning. Contact your Intel sales representative for more information about this course.

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Finding the right tools, devices, and resources for students to flourish is paramount to their success in school, no matter where they learn.

The Right Device for Learning and Teaching

Find the right device for your learning environments with solutions that meet your students’ needs across teaching and learning budgets, manageability and deployment, and device functionality.

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Laptops for kids

Enriching the Learning Experience

Intel’s 360-degree approach to education technology develops a holistic approach to student-centered learning, building experiences that have a significant impact on student success.

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Making the Classroom

Inspire students’ curiosity by giving them the tools to explore, investigate, and create, enabling them to build the key skills needed to thrive in a STEAM-powered world.

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