Service Restoration Information

Service coverage for Intel® True Scale Fabric hardware products is required to be continuous. Intel grants a 90-day grace period for coverage lapse. If the coverage lapse exceeds 90 days, a product health evaluation is required prior to restoration of service (Intel material master (MM) number: 928333, product name: “SWITCHTEST”). 

The health verification is achieved by running a diagnostic test on the hardware and forwarding the log output file to Intel for evaluation. This is accomplished by the customer initiating the test under the direction of Intel support personnel.

If issues are found, they must be rectified prior to restoration of service. This may be accomplished by purchasing a repair service (recommended) or by purchasing replacement parts for any defective components. 

If a repair service is purchased, Intel will waive the previous requirement for continuous coverage, and the new support renewal will begin following the 90-day warranty provided by the repair service. This may be advantageous to the customer if the lapse in coverage is lengthy.

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