® Intel IXP42X Product Line of Network Processors and IXC1100 Control Plane Processor: Using CompactFlash Application Note December 2004

Using CompactFlash with the IXP42X Product Line: App Note

This application note describes the hardware interface to a CompactFlash (CF) card connected in ‘True IDE’ mode to the expansion bus of IXP42X product lines and Control Plane Processors. It also presents a Linux* device driver with basic functions to access the CF card. The device driver initializes the expansion bus timing and control registers to set up the interface that allows reading/writing the CF card. A simple Linux* application program is provided to view directories, change directories, and view files in a CF card that has a FAT16 file system. This application note also briefly reviews the CF architecture, FAT16 file system, expansion bus architecture, and the platform used to test the device driver.

The basic functions in the device driver are necessary to connect the CF card to system-level software. The device driver can also be used to debug the platform, and although it is written for Linux*, the details can pertain to most operating systems.

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