The Next Generation of Outdoor Security

Built with Intel and Dell technology, the V5 Systems self-powered outdoor security and computing platform helps you improve safety, deploy security anywhere, and save time and money.

The Security & Surveillance Standard of the Future

Security solutions just became simpler and smarter. Customers can quickly deploy the V5 Systems solution in any outdoor environment, while its artificial intelligence-driven computing platform enables the ability to collect, analyze and relay sensor data for immediate alerts, completely wirelessly.

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A Complete Security Solution

The V5 Systems security solution innovates everything from the device to the power supply to the data analytics capabilities in order to provide a complete security solution with an array of benefits to customers.

Each unit can be configured and installed in a matter of minutes. The units come packaged in a ruggedized enclosure for easy deployment in any outdoor environment without the need for trenching or permits.

Improve Safety

Improve Safety

  • Expand your visibility by integrating pre-existing cameras and partner-created security features through open architecture components.
  • Track multi-sense threats with visual, audio, and chemical sensors.
  • Utilize threat prediction analytics to increase crime prevention.
  • Take action faster with live recommended actions and program automated tasks, including real-time alerts.

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy Anywhere

  • Adapt to changing security needs with an easily portable solution.
  • Operate wherever security is needed with a variety of connectivity options.
  • Secure critical areas without being tied to the electrical grid.
  • Add security to areas that face harsh outdoor conditions.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

  • Deploy quickly and easily without permit wait times or trenching and cabling costs.
  • Integrate with existing systems to avoid costly upgrades.
  • Avoid additional cloud and storage costs with a comprehensive security and storage package.
  • Securely store your data on the edge, eliminating or lowering cloud and storage costs.

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