Public Policy How Intel promotes innovation worldwide

Public Policy
How Intel promotes innovation worldwide

Public Policy How Intel promotes innovation worldwide

Intel Public Policy: Environment and Energy

Intel Public Policy: Environment & Energy

As an environmentally responsible manufacturer of energy-efficient products, Intel works with governments worldwide to help shape progressive and practical environmental and energy policies.


The global significance of environmental and energy policies has grown in recent ...years. Governments are concerned about chemicals used in etching ever smaller circuits in silicon. Led by the European Union, governments also have increased their focus on the material content of electronic products, banning lead and other elements used in high-tech devices. Climate change has become a major public policy issue, driving increased focus on certain chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing. While the semiconductor industry is not a major user of such chemicals, certain ones are essential to both our products and production processes. The growing focus on climate change and energy efficiency also has spurred a greater emphasis on regulations that can provide market opportunities for more efficient semiconductors. While these and other issues may initially arise in certain regions of the world, they often spread to other areas as environment and energy policies are increasingly global.

Intel reaches out to governments worldwide to help identify policies that address government and stakeholder concerns while, at the same time, preserving our industry’s ability to operate and market its products. These activities have included leading industry efforts to implement voluntary measures that can make regulation unnecessary, such as an industry commitment to reduce emissions of high-global warming gases and an industry project with governments to eliminate the vast majority of uses of a family of chemicals known as PFOS. Intel currently is working to help shape governmental policies that recognize the role that semiconductors and other high-tech devices can play in improving energy efficiency, thus addressing climate change concerns throughout the world.

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