CES 2021: The PC Innovations That Will Shape Real-World Experiences in the Next Year

The PC Platforms People Need In 2021

  • At CES 2021, Intel showcased a full range of PC platforms that people want, need, and can rely on, every day—with hundreds of designs for professionals, students, gamers, creators, and more.

  • People increasingly depend on their PC to work, learn, live, and play. Intel understands that innovation only matters when it enriches these real-world experiences.

  • Together with our growing list of more than 150 partners, Intel is delivering PC innovations for people’s most important experiences.



After a year of adversity and uncertainty, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 wasn’t just the latest opportunity for tech leaders to tout their newest products. It was an opportunity to re-connect with their core purpose. For Intel that meant delivering technology based on real-world needs.

Our vision is to enrich the lives of every person on earth. Because brilliant engineering is only useful if it improves people’s lives.

Elevating the PC Experiences That Matter Most

This year will bring advances and industry-firsts for every type of experience and every segment of the market. This includes four new families of processors—from entry to premium—including 27 new CPUs built specifically for business, six new CPUs for education, 12 high-performance mobile CPUs, and eight high-performance desktop CPUs.

The result is more than 500 new designs for laptops and desktops that will come to the market in 2021.

This builds on our incredible momentum since the launch of our Intel Evo platform in September, powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors, the world’s best mobile processor for thin-and-light laptops. To-date, we’ve already delivered more than 120 11th Gen Core designs—but we’re even more excited about what we’ve achieved with our partners.

We’ve verified and launched more than 50 Intel Evo designs from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung, plus many others. This means a huge set of choices for people and businesses. Only Intel can deliver this breadth and scale of designs. And it’s all because of our partnerships with more than 150 companies around the world. Together, we will empower people to work, learn, live and play for years to come.

Work: The Best Experiences, Anywhere

COVID-19 has accelerated the shift towards remote work, which will continue even after the pandemic. Professionals need to minimize disruptions and maximize productivity, no matter where work happens, while IT teams must prioritize remote security and manageability.

Together with our partners, we’re creating the best business experiences for both. In 2021, people will be able to easily focus, contribute, collaborate, and multi-task, from anywhere, on the next generation of the Intel vPro platform, powered by 11th Gen Intel Core processors. And IT teams can trust vPro’s hardware-based security and remote manageability to make their jobs easier, especially in the remote environment.

But our partners are pushing even further. Workers can now choose the Intel vPro platform on a new class of advanced laptops, which have been designed and verified for real-world responsiveness, battery life, instant wake, and more. This is vPro on Intel Evo designs.

Learn: Today’s PCs for Tomorrow’s Innovators

Technology is central to education. Students need a PC to help assist with remote learning, in order to make a more impactful and engaging experience.

We’re also making tech-enabled education more accessible. Students need a responsive PC that can easily shift between the web, video calling, apps for schoolwork, and more. That’s why we’re launching entry-level laptops with the first-ever Intel Premium Silver and Celeron processors on our 10nm architecture, plus Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and noise cancellation for virtual learning.

Live and Play: Do Everything but Compromise

People are turning to their PCs to relax, play, create, and connect, shattering records for streaming, video-calling, and more. Intel is making these experiences better, with more choices on hundreds of designs, for anything people need.

Intel and our partners are delivering the first Chromebooks on the Intel Evo platform. These PCs deliver a worry-free day of battery life, instant wake and consistent responsiveness, as part of the Evo platform commitments.

Take gaming. This year, gamers will be introduced to smoother, ultra-responsive gameplay on a thin-and-light, ultra-portable laptop. Our new special edition 4-core 11th Gen H-series processor is designed specifically for this need. Further, our 8-core processor launching later this year will deliver the highest performance for gamers and creators alike.

We’re also delivering real-world performance for desktop gaming. Elite gamers can tap into a faster, richer, and more immersive experience, with higher frame rates and lower latency, on desktops with the new 11th Gen Intel Core S-series desktop processors (code-named Rocket Lake-S).

And gaming is just the beginning. No matter how people use their PC, they can expect smarter, faster, and more efficient experiences with our next-gen processor (code-named Alder Lake), which combines high-performance cores and high-efficiency cores in one product for the first time.

Partner Focused, People Centered

It’s an extraordinary time in the world today. And we are committed to equipping people with the premium PC experiences they deserve, without compromises.

Together with our partners, Intel will continue to apply our deep expertise, our strong industry relationships, and our sophisticated research to meet these needs. We are committed to executing a vision not for Intel technologies, but the experiences they make possible.

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