Beautiful Football from Every Angle

Intel is proud to partner with Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC, and Manchester City to deliver True View from Emirates Stadium, Anfield, and the Etihad Stadium.

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Go Behind the Scenes with Intel® True View

Cutting-Edge 5K Cameras

Cutting-Edge 5K Cameras

More than 30 of our 5K cameras surround the venue, covering every inch of the playing surface with amazing depth. The cameras capture volumetric data (height, width, and depth) using voxels, a 3D pixel. It all uniquely renders spectacular 3D replays and creates a multi-perspective view of key moments.

Extreme Processing Power

Extreme Processing Power

Intel® True View image capture generates a staggering amount of data and requires incredible computing power. On-site Intel® server farms process the volumetric data used to create 3D replays.

Proprietary Data Algorithm

Proprietary Data Algorithm

Powerful Intel® servers and a proprietary data algorithm process data at remarkable speed. The result is a seamlessly rendered Intel® True View replay.

See the Game in New Ways with Intel

Check out recaps and highlights, and get new angles on the most amazing moments in sports. Featured content includes:


Check out the most coveted matchups and see every angle of the most amazing plays.


Enjoy incredible NBA on TNT experiences in VR.


Bringing college athletics to you like never before. Experience March Madness 2019 like you're sitting courtside.


See every side of the play with exciting highlights and recaps. Get into the NFL action.

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Arsenal FC

Partnership will bring True View to Emirates Stadium and to fans around the world.

Liverpool FC

LFC fans to enjoy an immersive experience during live matches and in highlights.

Manchester City

True View will bring Blues as close to the action on the pitch as the starting eleven.

Transforming the World of Sports

Get in the Game

Intel is changing the way people watch and experience games. Our technology can capture every play from every angle, give you access to data behind the game, and create cutting-edge entertainment unlike anything you've seen before.

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Intel® True VR

Discover a revolutionary way to experience live events. Intel® True VR delivers real-time stats and multiple points of view within an amazing 360 environment.

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