BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS) for Processors


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What is the BIOS implementation test suite (BITS)?
The Intel BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS) provides a bootable pre-OS environment for testing BIOS and in particular the initialization of Intel processors, hardware, and technologies. BITS can verify your BIOS against many Intel recommendations. In addition, BITS includes Intel's official reference code as provided to BIOS, which you can use to override your BIOS's hardware initialization with a known-good configuration, and then boot an OS.

Who should use BITS?
You might want to use BITS if:

  • You're a system or BIOS developer, and you want to validate that your system meets Intel's recommendations.
  • You're an OS or application developer building on technologies provided by Intel platforms, and you want to check if your system (or one of your user's systems) has configured those technologies correctly.
  • You're an advanced user or developer, and you want to check your BIOS to see if it configures Intel hardware correctly, and if not, to make a stronger case to your BIOS vendor to get it fixed.
  • You need to poke hardware in a low-level way, and you need a pre-OS environment to work in to avoid OS interference.

For additional information regarding BITS, please visit the following page: BIOS Implementation Test Suite.